Wednesday, May 9, 2018

New School

Earlier this year, Graham started at a new preschool! 
And what will come as a surprise to absolutely no-one: he ADORES school.


His class is called the Sunshine Room, and one of his favorite things is having his own cubby. 

He also loves discovering the Letter of the Week each Monday, 
and pondering all week which share item of the appropriate letter to bring in on Friday. 



He'll be heading off on his first field trip soon, 
his class is headed to the Natural History Museum to look at insects, 
so stay tuned for more school updates to come!

Friday, March 16, 2018

That Time We Went to DISNEYLAND

GUYS! It's been a million years since I posted on here. Life has been a whirlwind lately and I've been going through some rather distracting stuff, but I really miss doing this so want to make it a priority to get back into it. Since I have lots of past things I want to share, I'm going to start doing "remember when" type posts on Fridays, because who cares if it was a long time ago there are still things I want to show you even if it's way past due. And what better motivation than to share with you Graham's first DISNEY visit?! (Especially since that was the last thing I posted back back in Nov...)

We took Graham to Disneyland a few days before his 3rd birthday - so he was still free WAHOO!! (ya start paying the big bucks as soon as the clock strikes 12 and you're officially 3 years old). We talked about it lots in the weeks leading up, and I tried to get him excited without pouring too much expectation into it (I LOVE DISNEYLAND. CHILD OF MINE, YOU MUST LOVE DISNEYLAND!). But anticipation is half the fun, so we'd lay in bed at night talking about the rides we were going to go on and the characters we were going to see and the treats we were going to eat... 


As you can see from the pic at the very top, we had absolutely perfect weather. After meanduring through Main Street (who am I kidding, we ran like crazy), we ditched our normal routine of turning immediately LEFT (the sacrifices, I tell ya) and instead went straight through the castle into Fantasyland.

First thing G wanted to go on? The teacups. BOOM. What a gamer. 

We then mosied on over to Critter Country to find our friends from the Hundred Acre Wood.

Caught Pooh and Tigger just as they were heading out to "take a nap" 
and were extremely grateful for the impeccable timing. 
Graham's mind was blown getting to hug his pals. 

After lunch, we took a little break in the shade of Sleeping Beauty's castle. 

Which gave me plenty of time for a looong leisurely stroll through the castle to soak up my girl Aurora's story. Hadn't done that in a long time and it was uber fun. Turns out I missed an epic parade of princesses through the castle courtyard while I was inside though...not an actual parade, but my mom got to witness a ton of different princesses passing by with their handlers, stopping briefly to say hello to the few children in the area. Sleeping Graham, absent Meg, plethora of princesses. Shucks.


We DID however have an epic Mary Poppins sighting. 
Mary, Bert and the Disneyland Marching Band took a spin on the carousel 
when we were in the area and the Let's Go Fly A Kite singalong was delightful.

Some of G's favorites from the day included:

driving the cars at Autopia, though he could barely see over the steering wheel,

the finding Nemo submarine ride (he was absolutely entranced),

and the Jungle Cruise, which he kept calling The Jungle Book (on repeat at our house lately), 
and was keenly intent on spotting Shere Khan out in the foliage.


Wrapped up the evening with one last magic spin on teacups, 
then headed out before the crankies kicked in. 


But not without a last-minute treat for the road!

Perfect end to a perfect day.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Off to Disneyland!

Let the week-and-a-half-long birthday celebration begin!

We are headed to the happiest place on earth tomorrow morning, 
so Graham can meet Mickey AND Pooh AND Tigger.

I told him Mommy already knew Tigger and his mind was blown.

We'll try to take some pictures tomorrow... ;)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

From our little  hamburger   flamingo   hotdog   swimkid  puppy to yours!


We've been celebrating all month long...


With multiple parties and multiple costumes!


All Hallows' Eve Eve: rockin' pizza party at Graham's school!

Actual Halloween: Meg & Hugo sadly losing the costume competition to another Wayne & Garth, because an employee DRESSED HIS BABY UP AS GARTH and brought him to work.
Can't complete with a baby. 


Happy trick or treating, may you see many hoodlums!