Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adventures in Babyfood

Now that G is getting into "solids," we decided to try our hand at making some baby food. How hip are we?? Everything is still pureed at this point, and we were given a beautiful fancy blender for our wedding that we hadn't made very good use of at the old apartment (severely limited counter space is something we no longer grapple with, yahoo!), so this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Started out by steaming the veggies in my awesome new microwave steamer that I love love love, then popping them straight into the blender. Apparently the theme of the day was orange, as we did one batch of sweet potatoes and then another of carrots. Both blended up nicely and went easily into our special baby food freezing trays (yes i paid good money for these, no turns out they aren't any different than ice cube trays).

Looks crazy messy, but we cleaned up the trays by scraping across the top with a flat spatula before popping them into the freezer. Once frozen, we popped the cubes out into baggies for storage, noted with the date and food type. Easy peasy!

We've now learned that it's beneficial for Graham to take his meals sans clothing. Even so, baths are usually necessary immediately following a feeding. He LOVES to hold the spoon himself, but we try to limit that to just oatmeal, since it ends up in every nook and cranny of his chubby little body that you can imagine - yes, including the bottom of his feet.

Jury is still out on whether he actually likes sweet potatoes (he devoured them once, spit them out once, and declined them once, so a totally even playing field) and we start down the carrot highway this week, so we'll keep you posted!

Monday, April 27, 2015

24 Weeks Old

This little stinker is certainly enjoying life. He's the giggliest, smiliest, happiest little baby you will likely ever meet. Except for when he's super tired and gets whiney (gee, I wonder who he gets that from). Sorry, kiddo.

His hands are getting more and more coordinated - he can pick up objects and pass them (pretty successfully) from one hand to the other. He's getting very interested in our faces, grabbing often at our noses and ears, and sometimes reaching out to softly touch my chin or cheek when I'm feeding him. *swoon*

He loves reading books, especially the cardboard ones that he can gnaw on the edges of.

This week we tried a new dish: sweet potatoes, made in our fancy blender (blog post to come!). 
He loooooooved them, but they've already cost us one pair of pants.  Yams: 1, Diaper: 0.

Grandmapalooza 2015 (another post to come!) has drawn to a close, with this morning's departure of Grandma "Nonna" Ambrosio. G has become accustomed to a heavy amount of doting that will unfortunately not continue, as Dave and I have resolved to become iron-fisted parents....


Psych! How could we possibly say no to this sweet face??

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nonna Is Here!

Just in time for some extra special freeeeeezing weather. 46 degrees?! Come on, NYC, it's almost May!

Despite the cold, it's gonna be a fun weekend full of long walks, squishy cuddles, yummy food 
and stories about weird things Dave did when he was little (my favorite).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And For My Next Trick...



Dude, what's with all the pillows?!

Mom must still be nervous about my balance. 

Whatever, mom.

P.S. rolling is, like, totally no bigs now.

Monday, April 20, 2015

23 Weeks Old

Our dear Graham has suddenly found his toes AND starting sitting all on his own, so apparently ab strength was the big leap this week. It's been amazing to see his little personality develop. You can actually see the excitement on his face when he sits up in the middle of the bed unassisted; the pride in his eyes is undeniable. Aside from still not sleeping very consistently, he is an absolute angel baby, a picture of perfect health and we know that we are very, very lucky to call him ours (a mantra that often bears repeating at 2am).

Flexible little bugger. A budding yogini!

This kid is absolutely stoked the majority of the time and it's charming how happy he is about life in general. He loves to make eye contact, in fact he'll stare you down intensely from across the room, willing with all his might for you to look up or turn and face him, then break into the broadest of grins when you do.

Go ahead and try not grinning back at that infectious little smile. I dare you.

Taste testing anything and everything he can get his hands on.

Sweetly enough, his favorite toys are our hands, which he'll play with and stare at with dogged intensity. 

Just look at that kid look at his dad. Be still my heart.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lock Up Your Daughters

This kid's got a jean jacket and he ain't afraid to go nekkid beneath it.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekends Are For...

Wearing hoodies and reading the pape with pops,


cuddling on the couch with mom,

enjoying some leisurely naked time,

and going for (lots and lots of) walks outside!

 Happy Saturday from Crazy Eyes Cederquist!