Sunday, May 31, 2015

D & G's Day Off

I've been swamped at work lately and there have been a few days where I've needed to go in to the office when Graham isn't at daycare. DVC to the rescue! The boys' most recent day at home looked so fun, I wish I'd been with them...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Visit from Grampa Chris

When Dave's dad came to visit us over Memorial Day, he & G were attached at the hip the entire weekend! Instant buddies. It was fun to see them play together and really get to know one another, interacting so much more than Grampa C's last visit when G was only a few weeks old. Sunday morning the boys all got up super early (technically, G never went to sleep the entire night, thanks teething!) and headed to Central Park for some tennis and I GOT TO SLEEP IN UNTIL 9! It was amazing. Grampa was a very competent babysitter, walking Graham all around the park while Dave and Spe battled it out on the court, even wore G in the carrier for the majority of the afternoon! And I felt as light as air walking around town without a kid strapped to my chest.


Later we met Sophie and Theo for brunch, followed by running shoe shopping. Not my favorite type of shoe shopping, but I'll take any kind that I can get. Dave ran on the treadmill in the store so he could be properly fitted for shoes. It was pretty exciting. Seriously. I'd never seen anyone get foot-evaluated before, it was incredibly interesting.


P.S. When did running shoes get so hideous? What happened to plain white? I am old.

After a long walk all over town while G was napping in the carrier (sleeping babe = walk continues) we headed to our backyard park for the swings, a daily requisite now. Check out that concentration. You will be happy to know that he eventually did reach that S ring, and no fingers were pinched in the process.

Weirdly, this is the first picture where I've immediately thought "oh wow he looks like me."


Must be the scrunchy face?

Thanks for coming to visit, Grampa Chris! And thank you for all of the adorable vintage outfits.
Can't wait to see you again in July!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maternity Pains

The opening photo of THIS article made me giggle.

 I know how that pumping struggle goes, lady!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

6 Month Check-up

Most recent doctor visit revealed this "little" nugget now weighs 18.5 lbs and has grown another two inches! 
As I mentioned previously, we had a really rough go with shots this time (poor dude ran a fever for nearly 4 days), but he's all around wicked healthy and growing beautifully. The doc was impressed with his sitting skills and incoming teeth, and made me feel great about having stuck with pumping this long (which only encouraged me to hang on a bit longer!). Don't go back for another 3 months and no shots next time, woohoo!

Monday, May 25, 2015

28 Weeks Old

Second tooth has arrived! And boy was it a rough landing. Saturday evening Graham slept a total of about 10 minutes the entire night, he was just miserable. And misery loves company, so we were all up! The family that teethes together, stays together? Or something. Anyway, he's now got two razor sharp little chompers front and center, and we all lived to tell the tale.

Slowly learning to hold the bottle on his own. It's still a little heavy, but he's very proud.

Continuing in the tradition of favorite toys being anything that's either free or trash, his current obsession is a cup of pens that sits in the center of our the table. Wish you could see how far from the pens he's actually sitting in this shot - they're a good 3 feet behind him, but you can't really tell from the angle. He is absolutely determined to grab ahold of them though.

Our fabulous friends Allan and Rex are making sure we fit in (at least sartorially) with the Upper East Side glamour babies by keeping G dressed in adorably fashionable duds, like this springy polo from Marimekko.

Look out, Hamptons. We're coming for you.

Friday, May 22, 2015



Oh my goodness, another Friday is upon us and once again I haven't posted anything since Monday. Sheesh. I am so ready to not be so BUSY. I can't stand busy-just-for-busy's sake and that's what this week has felt like. Frantically spinning in the hamster wheel with no specific goal in sight. Ready to just take a few days to slow down and sit in the park and not even look at a computer. Except for blogging purposes of course.

Dave's dad is coming to visit tomorrow. Looking forward to some warm weather, sitting on the terrace and seeing the shock on Grampa Chris' face when he sees what a different baby Graham is since the last time he squeezed him. So much more to squeeze now, but also more difficult to keep hold of!

What the heck size diapers are those? Negative 2??

P.S. wearing black and orange all weekend to celebrate this week's SWEEP!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I'm sorry for drinking one more diet coke after I swore off them for life.

I'm sorry for taking you to McDonalds.

And I'm sorry for blogging about it now.

Monday, May 18, 2015

27 Weeks Old

Dangit, have I posted one of these on time in a while? It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks and last week was no exception. Actually, last week was THE WORST we've experienced in a while. And in some ways it was also the best - hit some cool milestones! Poor kid was hit with a triple whammie - shots on Tuesday caused him to spike a fever for the next few days PLUS his first tooth finally popped through PLUS mom and dad both had insane work weeks so were super stressed about having to leave to pick up little widget early from school on two different days. Just a rough week all around. But we survived our first major illness! And we've got a new tooth to brag about! 

Our usually chipper boy was super sad coming home from Jellybean on Wednesday; no kicking his legs in the stroller or trying to wriggle out from under the blanket I placed over him for our short walk home. He even held still to have his temperature taken (temporal version only shown here), and rarely ever do we have still moments. Poor kid was boiling hot for several days, longer even than the doctor expected, but we monitored it closely and he was feeling well enough by the weekend to rally for brunch on Sunday. A true New Yorker.

Back to my normal smiley self.

Very excited about my new tooth!

Another one is still working it's way out, so chew chew chewing on everything.

Crossing our fingers for a much calmer week!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Friday

GOC has had a rough week. Had his six month shots on Tuesday and was miserable with a fever for a good 48 hours afterward. I even had to leave work early one day to go snag him from daycare because his fever had spiked again and they called me to say he should go home. He was so sweaty and uncomfortable sleeping at night. Poor kid. But that all seems to have cleared and our cheerful boy is back and ready for action.

We're determined to have an epic adventure this weekend! 
Coney Island? Brooklyn Bridge? Staten Island Ferry?
Who knows where New York will lead us...

What are you up to??

Thursday, May 14, 2015

DVC Dadisms

A minute later some creepy twins rolled up and made everything weird.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Office Nursery

Usually I think Rachel Zoe is kind of a weirdo, but this is so lovely. What a wonderful support system.

We are really lucky we've found a happy childcare situation. Graham absolutely adores going to Jelly Bean - so much so that I secretly kind of wish he missed us more (hello! I'm lamenting around miserable all day without you, kid! Stop enjoying yourself so much!). We've noticed recently that he starts to grin and kick his legs in excitement as we approach the steps to the entrance each morning. The shouts of "Grahammy Graham! Grahammy Graham!" when the door opens are so heartwarming. If I can't be with him all day, I'm glad he's somewhere safe and happy.

Last Friday they had a double birthday celebration for the May babies and when I arrived to pick him up, all the kids were sitting outside on the steps holding balloons and singing. It was an angelic scene. Graham was just staring around wide-eyed, taking it all in and busting into a grin whenever he caught someone's eye.

Monday, May 11, 2015

26 Weeks Old

Kind of seems like a boring milestone after celebrating six months yesterday (thus the art project - footprints for the babybook!). But we didn't provide much of an activity update, so here is some info on the latest and greatest Graham developments...


A few people have asked if we pose him with his ankles crossed. We do not! He's a dapper little gentleman all on his own. We often plop him down on the big gray chair because the angle of the seat makes it unlikely he'll topple off and he usually crosses those chubby little ankles right away, completely unprodded. So dandy.

Bath time gets more fun and interactive each day, as G learns to splash and moves more adeptly in his tub. However, this also means that mom/bathmat/all bathroom surfaces are completely soaked after each tub sesh.

Graham loves looking at picture books, but lately he's only been interested in gnawing the edges of them, so we try to limit our reading to those with sturdy cardboard pages. Harold is currently in top rotation. I think he may think it's a biography - about himself. Sorry kiddo, no over-sized crayons in this house.

Now that it's warmed up, our patio is getting SO MUCH USE!! Guess that's more of a family update than a kid update, but Graham loves it out there. If he's cranky and we can't seem to figure out what's bothering him, a little fresh air in the bumbo seat always seems to do the trick.

That, or a quick trip down to the park on the corner for the SWINGS! Graham started swingin' this weekend and boy was he stoked. He giggles the entire time. Which means we also giggle the entire time. Yup, we're that family.  "Hey there's those crazy laughing people!" "Keep walking, Bobby, don't make eye contact."


I've been letting G feed himself as much as possible during meals and he loves it. Certainly not much makes it down the hatch, but he holds the spoon and brings it (mostly) successfully to his mouth and happily slurps away. Tried avocados for the first time this week and he wasn't a huge fan (that's my boy!). On the menu this week: peaches and squash (NOT a whole roast chicken, as Dave was hoping for).


Making moves like he's thinking about crawling. Certainly can't actually make the movement yet, but learning to push with his legs, get his bum up in the air and rock his weight around. He'll shimmy himself all over the blanket and sometimes scoot himself right off of it!

Went to the cranium doc last Thursday and confirmed that G's headshape is A-OK! No need for a corrective helmet, all his lumps and bumps are typical of a baby head and his brain seems to be growing just fine. On a side note, Graham was a HAM at the appointment, giggling and cooing at all the doctors and interns, full on cheesing it up. I'm sure he says it to everyone, but the head doc came in looking like a major grump and then five minutes later told us, "I get to take home one baby per day and this is him!" We chose to see this as sweet and not creepy. (Back off, baby stealer!) Don't worry, Graham made it home safely, big head and all. We go to the regular doctor on Tuesday for his six month checkup, so will have some new growth stats for you later this week!