Friday, March 28, 2014

Pick a Postcard

One of the alternative-to-dancing activities we had at the wedding was a postcard station. I found all these nifty vintage-looking Lake Arrowhead postcards, so we spread them out on a table near the door with some pens and hoped people would participate. Thankfully, people jumped right onto this activity and actually ALL of the postcards were used up before the end of the evening! There were some super sweet notes to friends and family who couldn't make it, some thank yous for babysitting the dog/horse/husband, several in languages I couldn't easily decipher and of course a few really weird and random ones. 

One sweet guest sent one to my parents as a thank you:

Other award winners are as follows..
Most enthusiastic:
(it seems multiple exclamation points run in the family...)
Super creeper who-the-heck-did-we-invite-to-our-wedding stalker award:
Sweetest note to a loved one:
and Grand Champion goes to...
Good thing, indeed.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Highlights Reel

Self-absorbed maybe, but I just can't stop watching this!!  So many things I didn't remember happening (he called my future husband a "tall drink of water" and I somehow missed it??), so much fun to recall and relive.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Speeches: Sister of the Groom

From the delightful Sophia, Dave's sister and our neighbor (4 blocks away!) in Manhattan:

I don't think anyone here will feel slighted when I say that Dave Cederquist is the coolest person in this room.

You, Dave, are the coolest person in any room.  It is your gift.  Your wit, intelligence, and breadth of knowledge dazzle in conversation.  You know I have a habit of bragging about my friends, well, I talk you up big time and you've not once made me look like a fool.  With humor as your medium, your art is disarming the dull, the tragic, the maddening.  You boldly illuminate dark corners with laughter.

Megan, the same levity that Dave has brought to so many, you have managed to bring to Dave.  The sweetness and excitement with which you view the world has changed him.  You have shown him the possibility of a warm and loving family of your own creation.  I wish you a long life of happiness and adventure.  I wish you infinite beautiful photographic backdrops for Megan to leap through, and a thousand nieces and nephews for me and Ani.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speeches: Best Man

Mike Spero, DVC's college roommate and bud for life (despite Spero's best efforts to lose him), was best man and took his duties very seriously.  His adorable son Elliot was also a ring bearer and wife Elaine helped me get in shape by forcing me to spin classes the months prior to the wedding. They are some of our closest friends in Manhattan and we appreciate everything they did to help us prep for the big day.  And even after - taking us out for a big Mexican food dinner the next evening, staying an extra day at the hotel and driving us to the airport for our return flight!  You guys are the best.
Dave’s been known for having a particularly diverse musical taste, so I am looking forward to dancing later on, when they could be playing absolutely anything – by Velvet Underground.
I want to sincerely thank the bridal party for having me and, Dave, for the honor of being your best man. Those of you who know me, know me as "Spero”. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike Spero.
First off, let’s all congratulate Dave and Meg on a beautiful ceremony and on the next chapter in their lives. [Applause]
More importantly, let’s hear it for Meg, the beautiful bride. [Applause]
And Dave you clean up ok, too.
Dave and I met at Boston University circa 1998. I have very little (sharable) material with regard to our years together as students. He seemed to enjoy copious amounts of coffee, cigarettes and Metal Gear. I would describe our apartment odor as... challenging. There was also a fraternity involved. I am available after this if anyone would like a peek behind that curtain. So, to Dave’s Mom and Dad, in case you were wondering, that's what all that money paid for.
What those years told me about Dave is that when he puts his mind to something you can see the passion come through. In his stand up, sketch comedy and his writing. Dave is the funniest person I know. The comedian Judd Apatow once said:
"If you can make somebody laugh,
you may not know they like you
  but you know they don't hate you."
So, Dave, there are a lot of people here that don’t hate you.
Dave and I have stayed in close contact since college despite not living in the same city until recently. And, as if making up for lost time, he moved immediately next door to me. We are thrilled to have Dave and Meg in NYC if, for no other reason, than for the free babysitting.
I always knew I'd be stuck with Dave forever. He's sort of like the little brother I never wanted. And now I'm thrilled that he found Meg and that she's going to be a part of our lives as well.
In closing, Dave, if I can leave you with one piece of marriage advice, ironically, from Woody Allen:
"In my house I'm the boss,
  my wife is just the decision maker."
Cheers to Dave and Meg!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Speeches: Sister of the Bride

My sister and I have been talking about being maid of honor at each other's weddings since we were little girls. Which meant hearing her speak at my wedding was something I probably should have felt fully prepped for, since it had been in the works for...oh, nearly a quarter century.  Still, it hit me like a ton of bricks when she stood up and took the microphone with poise, and had such caring words to share with my new groom and I. 
Thank you, Leafy, for everything.  I love you than fake sleeping and kids underdog sports movies.
Hello everyone! For those of you know don’t know me I’m Leigh Stephenson, Megan’s little sister.

Meg is not only my sister, but my best friend.

Meg has always been a loyal and loving sister, but we weren’t always best friends…

Although we had a blast growing up together, the day we truly became best friends was…
the day she moved out to go to college.

Though we always joke about who is mom and dad’s favorite… I am truly Meg’s biggest fan.  In my eyes she is the funniest, kindest, coolest most thoughtful, and clever person I know.  All the little details of her personality make me smile and laugh...  And I knew that Dave was perfect for her because when I see them together I know that Dave sees exactly what I do.

I love you.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle

After as many hellos and hugs as we could manage to squeeze into an hour, it was time to head in to dinner.

Dave and I waltzed straight into our first dance, "California Stars" by Billy Bragg & Wilco (for 47 seconds too long, much to DVC's dismay), and then my dad gave a great welcome speech - didn't sound nervous at all, people loved learning more about why we had the caricature artist (an homage to my late grandfather) and nobody even noticed his crazy eye!


I was starving at this point, but thankfully the staff had a full spread of appetizers waiting for DVC and I when we sat down.  We had a few minutes to hoover some shrimp and fried green beans (so good!), then lined up with our parents to greet guests as they went through the buffet.  We'd recently seen this done - one couple we know held their receiving line at the buffet instead of attempting to walk around to all of the tables, while another donned his'n'hers aprons and handed out plates to guests - and really liked the idea.  We invited our parents up with us, so there were quite a few of us for those eager to eat to get through, but it was really neat tohave a brief moment with every single one of our guests and introduce them to our whole crew of 'rents. 
Leaf kicked off the speeches and made us all cry. I'll share her heartfelt words in a later post, as well as those from Dave's best man, Spero, and sister, Sophie, who each stood up and spoke as well.  Dave's dad warmly welcomed me to the fam and then everyone was in tears again when he got a bit emotional addressing his son.

Not a dry eye in the house.  Onward to cake cutting!  No shoving of cake in the face (sorry kids, not a fan). 
Our little topper cake was hazelnut flavored with Nutella filling.  Seriously, what (my) dreams are made of.  There were a bunch of different flavors of cupcakes, all in adorable little polka dot wrappers and all SO GOOD.  I had about seventeen carrot cake minis for breakfast the next morning.

My dad and I took a spin round the dance floor to Little Miss Magic, which we've been touting as our father-daughter song since I was ten, then invited everyone to join us.  DVC sweetly stuck around for a few minutes doing the white man shuffle, then excused himself so I could shake it like a polaroid picture with my gal pals. 
And let me tell you, our friends can BOOGIE.  It was like the grand finale of Footloose out there.
I had so very much fun.  I hope you all did too.
Thank you, Slater, for capturing so many great shots of our dear ones.  I love these photos.






Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party Time, Excellent

Time to join our guests at the cocktail hour!
It was all a blur for DVC.
DaBo embraces the polka dot theme and considers a career in banking.
Cousins Lawrence, Shell and (future cousin?) Ryan ready to take on any and all bean bag challenges!

Sejo and Krista made it out all the way from Chicago.

EJ, our stylish Manhattanite ringbearer, rocks a pumpkin codpiece.  Carla and Dirk excited to boogie!

Leaf swapping stories with Aunt Patricia and Uncle Dan.  Meanwhile, Rex spots a chupacabra.
Plenty of Nipomo representation....
Pete the Pigman chats with reigning Avocado King Gabe and his bride Alyssa,

while Kristen Letelier and her husband Cristian prepare to tear it UP on the dance floor.

DVC's Snapkin buds, more serious than ever.  Jacob and Charlene watch Casey and Matt break up.

Cederquists in the house!  Uncle Lars and Aunt Vicky representing the Chicago clan.

George W. Bush enjoys a 100% approval rating here!  Dad hangs with John, Uncle Mark and Uncle Dan.
Jumbo Jenga was quite a hit with the kiddos -
sweet Lucia takes a hug break while Keegan nibbles a pre-dinner snack. 

Sisters of the groom Sophia and Anna toast to actually making it to the west coast;
despite crazy weather and cancelled/delayed/rebooked flights, they still managed to color coordinate.
(Don't mind the Nederlanders in the back, being adorable as usual.)

Cousins and sisters Kristen and Linzy with a squeeze for Aunt Carole, my mom's lookalike baby sister.
European invasion! Thank you Isabelle, Rob, Dirk, Margret and Carla for coming from Waarland!
And stripey Anna Banana, in from Italy via Germany, looks right at home with her new friends.

Mom hangs with Linda, one of the many Bruins who flew in from Holland, and my penpal from 4th grade!

The gang's all here! Pop's awesomely tight knit crew, proving it truly takes a village -
Greg, Chuck, Jeff, Mike, Robbie, Jon, Brent.

Awwww it's Dad's oldest pals (besties since kindergarten!) Jeff and Debi.
Plus the offspring, Leafy hanging with Kari and her soon-to-be husband Kyle.

My best gal Kacie (daughter of Dad's best bud, you couldn't write it any more perfectly)
and her uber classy husband Billy Willy Lilley. These two. Can't 'em anywhere.

Jennifer and Greg, most musical of the bunch.

Way to sneak the ring in Mike. A hero among dodger dogs.

Lots of laughs between old friends Brent, Uncle Dave and Gary.

And a special thanks to adorable Mr. Caden's parents, Cara and Will -
Thank you for sharing your wedding location with us!!