Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The Giants happened to be in town at the same time my dad was, so of course we had to hit a game.

Pop scored us some awesome tickets on stubhub and off we went!

He was pretty stoked to take the subway out to Citifield. It's actually a really fun and easy way to get to a game, as the train stops directly in front of the stadium entrance. You only have to walk about 100 yards and you're at the field!  We arrived about an hour early, so we had time to wander around the stadium and take it all in. 


Our seats were even better than we expected, situated directly behind the Mets' dugout on the first base line, just 14 rows back (prime foul ball territory, as we would come to find out). Since the away team uses the third base dugout, we had a great view of all of the Giants dugout activity the entire game. We were also able to spot Mike in his booth and he even called Dad shortly before the game started to say he could see us, which of course caused us to jump around like buffoons waving at him.

Enjoyed the requisite hotdog and beer in a plastic cup. The weather was amazing, it had been super warm during the day but cooled off quickly once the sun dipped below the stadium walls. Jennifer and Jarek were sitting just behind the Giants dugout in the visitors section, so we were able to see them from our seats and met up to say hi during the 7th inning stretch. Had to get back to our seats though because rookie pitcher Chris Heston was working on a no hitter and each inning the G-men were able to hold onto it got more and more exciting! He actually only allowed three baserunners the entire game - and all three of them made it to first from being hit by a pitch. Yes, he hit THREE batters. Yes, Dad kept yelling "Nuke Laloosh!" 

When it came down to the final out of the final inning, everyone was on their feet and cheering. There were actually quite a few Giants fans in our section, so the roar of the crowd was louder than I expected. When Hesto threw that final strike and caught the batter looking, people just went nuts. Mets fan are super nice, so they were nearly as excited as the Giants fans it seemed like. Buster ran out and scooped Heston into a hug, then the rest of the team circled in to mob him. So cool to see a no hitter in person. Witnessing history!

And cheering on our boys in orange from home:


Monday, June 29, 2015

33 Weeks Old


Who loves to wiggle? This guy!

Getting more active at school and often comes home with dirty toes on warm days when they all get to spend the afternoon playing in the backyard! Looooves being outside with the big kids and usually skips afternoon nap on daycare days because he's just too excited to hang out.

More wonderful hand-me-downs from our pal Elliot. This box is a current favorite. Do we play with the beads and shapes? No. We lift the box up and slam it down as loud as we can, then look around to see who was watching.

Newest cuisine: cottage cheese. 
Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Brand new crib! Didn't realize he could pull himself all the way up to standing until he had some decent bars to grab onto. Uh oh. Time to start baby-proofing the apartment. Our low-level bookshelves don't stand a chance.

Met up with our pal Sadie last weekend for brunch. She did not find us funny. WTF?!

In addition to pulling himself up to his feet whenever we offer our hands for support, he's got the rocking back and forth motion down, so crawling is closer than ever! He spends a lot of time lurching around on his belly, and can actually move above pretty well despite not actually being able to even arm crawl. Any minute now!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

DVC Dadisms

Alabama Grahama (two teeth, no pants, and little formal education). 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Auntie WeeWee

Auntie Leigh was here visiting for the weekend and boy did we have a wonderful time. She arrived super late last Thursday, after dealing with several delays and trekking through multiple airports. When she finally made it into the cab and on her way to our house, I texted to assure her I was awake and ready for her arrival...only to promptly fall asleep a mere 5 minutes before her arrival. She calls me, no answer. The doormen call me, no answer. She texts, repeatedly, no answer. Finally one of our doormen walked her up to our apartment and after quite a bit of pounding on the door I finally woke from the dead to let her in. Whoops, sorry Leigh!  

After the terrible welcome, we had a really fun visit. Her very first full day here, she dove right in with zero hesitation and took care of Graham completely alone for the entire day (and not even any complaints of being tired following a post-midnight arrival the night prior!). They went to the park, watched some kids play baseball, hung out in the grass and pretty much became inseparable. 


Graham took a liking to her immediately, which was really cool to see. He had basically zero interest in either Dave or myself holding him the entire time Leigh was here. She was it. Nobody else. Obsessed.

We took her to Gracie's, our new favorite diner, where a pair of sweet old ladies in matching rain hats oohed and ahhed over G throughout breakfast and he tried his first bite of scrambled eggs. Success!


Leaf gave D and I a lovely little break from all bath duties,

as well as oversaw park time. 


Leaf, I'm so glad you were able to visit us and spend so much time with G. 
Enjoy your summer in Germany. I miss you already. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

32 Weeks Old

  Happy boy is as smiley as ever!

This week brought a visit from Tante Leigh as well as several new food tastings. Now that Graham can sit safely in a highchair, it's much more fun to take him out to restaurants. So far, he's been very polite at all dining out occasions (yes, we know it's only a matter of time before a crazy embarrassing public meltdown, but we are enjoying the sweetnesss while it lasts!) and of course charms everyone in the place. Old ladies tend to be especially smitten. We discovered that he looooves toast; after giving him a piece at breakfast over the weekend and he gnawed happily on it for the entire meal.

Bananas are still his favorite fruit, though he really likes eating them straight out of the peel rather than smushed up from a cup with a spoon. Since he doesn't have enough teeth to really get good bites, I've got to mush up the end anyway, but for some reason it's so much more enjoyable with the peel still attached. 

Low-key fathers day celebration on Sunday with dinner at home and plenty of nudie time for G.

Still loving daycare, though he got to play hooky several days last week to hang with his aunt. 

One of my favorite moments each day is when I show up to pick him up from Jellybean - he flashes me a giant grin and kicks his legs wildly in excitement. It makes my heart soar. Every. Single. Time.

He looks like such a grown-up boy in this picture, it kills me.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hipster Babe

Dave's dad recently brought some adorable vintage duds for Graham and like magic they fit PERFECTLY!!

G seems to be a liiiiitle bit bigger than his pop...

since the clothes he's wearing at 6 months fit his father when he was already walking around!

DVC has apparently always been quite stylish. Looks like G is following suit!

Thanks for the duds, Grampa!!