Monday, June 27, 2016

D is for Dude

This little nugget is becoming more of a kid each and every day. He remains as cheerful and friendly as ever, though experimenting with not listening or doing the opposite of what he's asked, always with a sly look back to see if you're watching what he's doing.

Loving all things transportation, especially busses and boats. We point out every bus we can spot, shout at every bus that approaches, wave vigorously at every bus that passes by. When bus drivers wave back or toot their horn, me oh my Grahamboni is absolutely beside himself. We walk down to the river every weekend to watch the boats passing by and he is mesmerized staring out at the water.


Most hysterical new habit: 
whenever we wait for the elevator, he leans against the wall and crosses his legs. 

Oh so casual. 

Happy summer!

Monday, June 20, 2016

S is for Shorts

It's been HOT!! Apparently summer has officially arrived. So what did we do this week to beat the heat?

Got our swimsuits out and made sure they still fit...barely!


Checked out some AVP down on Pier 26.

New shades + raisins = too cool for school.


Shared a cup of froyo with mom-mom.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

2015 In Review

You guys. Dave finished working on this masterpiece last night.



I fully realize other people's kids are never quite as precious/interesting/gifted as their parents seem to think they are, but I do hope you enjoy this glimpse into Graham's life last year nonetheless. :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

P is for Patch

We went in for a check-up with the ophthalmologist last week (so many dr visits's hard out there for a kid) and they had good news - the glasses are working!! Woohoo!!

However, since his right eye is still stronger than his left eye, the leftie works juuuuuuuuuust hard enough to make things clear and rightie continues to do the majority of the work. In an effort to even out the strength of his two peepers, we need to force the left eye to work harder - so we're patching the right one! For just a few hours each day, Graham will wear a band-aid-like patch on his stronger eye so that the weaker one has to do all the work and hopefully catch up to it's overachieving partner.

Poor bloke, you say? No way, Bombay! Eye patches are totally nerdy hip. Plus, he only has to wear it for a small portion of the day for just a few months and it should make a huge difference. The doctor was already talking about a plan for easing him off of the glasses starting as early as next year, assuming everything goes according to plan. [I know, I was a tiny bit sad when she mentioned that, too - the specs seems like such a part of him now!]

First session was tough - he fiddled with it and complained a bit, but didn't tug hard or anything and he surely could have ripped it right off if he wanted to. Our sweet boy is so tolerant and resilient.

By the end of the very first sesh he was playing like normal and being his regular goofball self!

Now the patch is no big deal at all! Graham even likes to peel the backings off when we are preparing to put it on each morning and once I found him playing with one, trying to stick it on over his glasses. We've decided first thing when we wake up is the best bet, as everyone is in a pretty good mood and it's easy to remember. Fresh diaper, eye patch, glasses, ready!

Sometimes we send him to school with his patch on, which the doctor actually suggested because there's so much going on kids are usually distracted and won't even pay any attention to it - usually more tolerant than at home! And Graham is no exception. Once we slap that puppy on in the morning, he's up for whatever (though depth perception can sometimes be an issue)! The kids at school are all fascinated by it, which is adorable. A recent conversation with Issy, one of G's favorite (and most precocious) classmates, during drop-off went like this:
"Good morning Grambo's mom! Does Grambo have an eye patch today? Why does Grambo have an eye patch? How long does he wear the eye patch? Why do I not have an eye patch?"

Ahoy, mateys!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

19 Months Old


If I could get away with doing these monthly "birthday" updates for the rest of his friggin life I totally would. Because this boy is the best! How did I get so lucky? No one will ever know. I'm terrible about writing in this poor kids baby book, but at least we'll have the blog with firsts and favorites and funny moments to look back on. And in the crazy scientifically advanced future Graham will say something like oh look at mom's quaint little blog, you know those things they used to put on the internet before we just exchanged info telepathically - weren't the olden days weird?

Graduated to waiting for pickup on the steps with the big kids after school, instead of being pre-strapped into his stroller when I arrive!

Current favorite activities: splashing in sprinklers, stickers, taking the caps off of markers, dropping things under the table then announcing "I got it!" before crawling down from the bench and retrieving.

Current favorite foods: watermelon, rice pilaf, toast with butter, raisin bran, peaches and nectarines. 


I'd venture to say corndogs as well (DUH), but he's only ever had the one. Sure hoovered it with vigor and concentration, though. He comes by it honestly - as Brian Dunn says, "Stephensons are definitely fair food people."

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

18 Month Check-up

Poor dude was super nervous at the check-up this time around. Though I assured him repeatedly that there would be no pinning down and no stich removal, his lip would begin to quiver any time someone entered our room. Heart wrenching, to say the least. Held it together for the first few seconds of getting weighed, but got sad pretty quick and made his discontent known with a bellow. 

Moooommmmm get me offa this thing!!

But then we got a banana and everything was ok. Phew.

18 month doctor visit stats:
Weight: 26 lbs 12.2 oz
Height: 34 inches
Percentile: 65th across the board