Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Hot Mess

Graham's trial run at daycare was yesterday afternoon. He did great, was super cheerful at drop-off (did it right after a nap) and joined right in with the kids with only minimal tears when we arrived. I, on the other hand, was a fretful mess going over paperwork with the director and had to hightail it out of there when I felt the waterworks coming on. Sobbed audibly the entire walk home - that super attractive blubbering, heaving for breath, red-faced cry. Which means now I'm a true New Yorker! Fallen asleep on public transit, gotten my heel caught in a subway grate, and now, cried in public and didn't care who saw. Go me!

Graham on the way to daycare. Me on the way to daycare.


At least one of us has got their shiz together.

Monday, March 30, 2015

20 Weeks Old

20 weeks brings bigger smiles and more personality than ever before!


Getting close to sitting up on his own! Learning to balance himself and make corrections when he starts to lean too far in one direction or another. Still ends up toppling over more often than not, but very soon he'll be good go.


Concentration levels getting INTENSE. Not only does he love jumping in his bouncy seat (sometimes it looks like he's going to ricochet off the ceiling), but he also spends time sitting still and carefully examining / playing with the toys. It's been so neat to watch his hand eye coordination make vast improvements by the day. He'll reach for things very deliberately and slowly now, rather than batting at them wildly.


I return to work on Wednesday and we are all VERY nervous about the transition. Oh who am I kidding, we've visited our lovely daycare multiple times and Graham absolutely adores the kids and the teachers, really I'm the only one who is going to have a rough time. So if you call me up this week and I answer the phone in a fit of tears, now you know why. It's because I'm desperately missing this adorable, squishy face!


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pier Pressure

Spent several days at the beach this past visit to California, which was something we had specifically wanted to do but didn't end up having time for when we were on the west coast over Christmas. I guess we were two busy getting used to caring for our 5 week old or something. Anyway, we made sure to squeeze in multiple visits to the seashore this time around.

Family selfie.

Family toefie.



Graham wasn't a huge fan of the Pacific. Poor little dude with mean parents who dipped him in.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

DVC Dadisms

Today we'll study The Graham. 
Characteristics include body dimples and sleep hostility. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

7th Grade For A Day

One afternoon we brought Graham O to visit my mom at Mesa Middle School, which I attended from sixth through eighth grade and retain a fondness for despite the truly terrible hairdos that accompany the memories. Jamma currently teaches 7th grade history and we caught her during her lunch period, so there weren't any little punk seventh graders around, at least until the bell rang and then they came swarming which was our cue to book it. Anyway, it was really fun to explore her new classroom and we enjoyed reminiscing about middle school.

Well, some more than others anyway...

Old stomping grounds. 

Official hall pass. "Visitor Graham C, here to see Grandma"

Wait, where is Kazakhstan?

Mischief managed. 

A lesson in geography.

Excuse me, Mrs. Stephenson? I have a question. 

¡Viva México!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Los Angeles, I'm Yours

And what did we do in LA (when we managed to tear ourselves away from our luxurious hotel room), you ask?

Took a spin through WeHo...

complete with breakfast at Ed's, the best coffee shop in the history of ever...

and a quick pop by the site of Jamma and Aunt Leigh's fave show. 

Attended G's first wedding!

Tried in vain to avoid the LA Marathon.

Visited our friends the Michelle and Jeff, and made a new bud in sweet Jagger. 

And then cruised allllll the way up to Nipomo. Whew!

Monday, March 23, 2015

19 Weeks Old


This happy little camper is 19 weeks old today!

Current favorite activities: 

 Looking at himself in the mirror,

grinning at everyone he meets (including himself!),

and putting everything into his mouth. 

Newest accomplishment: 

G rolled for the very first time on his own at my parents house last Friday, just before we left. He started doing it really consistently this weekend when we got back to New York - so consistently, in fact, that tummy time is pretty much no longer existent. As soon as we lay him down on his belly, he flips right over. This morning he rolled himself right over onto the hardwood! Whoops, time to get a bigger playmat I guess.