Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cheyann & Pete

Went to a beautiful wedding several weekends back, of my friend Cheyann (whom I've known since 7th grade) to her auctioneer cowboy fiancé Pete. She and Pete are some of the most salt-of-the-earth people I know - genuine, caring, straightforward, gregarious - and their wedding was a perfect reflection of them.

On Friday evening, Cheyann invited several friends over to spend the night and help her get ready the next morning. We popped some popcorn and a bottle of champagne, then put on comfies and settled in to Sixteen Candles.  It was a perfectly fitting bachelorette party, complete with all her favorite snacks and plenty of laughs.

The next morning, the glam squad gathered at the Litten Compound for some serious prep.
It was fun to see Cheyann getting ready with her mom and her sister, whom I've known for years.


Even Nana was there bright and early!  The Littens do not shy away from early wake up calls,
but there was plenty of coffee, plus scones and mimosas kept everyone else perky.

Meanwhile, DVC was enjoying a light birthday breakfast with the self appointed mayor of Nipomo at (where else?) Cowgirl Café.  I caught them toward the tail end and managed to snag some waffle explosion.


Then we rushed home to get ready for the main event. Ceremony was at 1pm at St. Josephs right across town, so really didn't need to leave until quarter 'til.  Made sure to arrive plenty early, however, as butts had to be in the seats before the stroke of 1- if ever there were a wedding that was going to start exactly on time, this was it.

We sat with my friend Kristina and some other high school pals I hadn't seen in ages.
Cheyann and Pete both have giant families, so most of the people there were relatives of one side or the other.

Annnd it wouldn't be a Nipomo party without a mariachi band 
(though this crew was actually there for the wedding after).

The reception was held at Edwards Barn, which I hadn't been to yet despite it being the venue of choice for the past few years. It was a really fun event space, with really cool antique décor that could keep guests occupied wandering about for hours, and plenty of bathrooms (always a plus). Upon arrival we were served Italian wedding soup and a variety of linguica from wild boar that had been shot by Lacy, the bride's sister.



The décor inside was really pretty and very Cheyann, as my sister commented after I sent her some photos.


 There were so many special touches that made it a very intimate affair, and true to the couple's style.  
One of my favorite moments was when we lined up for food and were greeting by the bride and groom passing out plates in adorably embroidered aprons. What a fun way to great all of your guests! And so very them.

No cake for this party - instead, we were served pies and snickerdoodles, the bride's favorites!

Best man Robbie, the groom's little brother, gave a heartfelt speech that had everyone fighting back tears. Then Lacy was up, maid of honor and the bride's little sister; she herself was in tears before she could get her first sentence out.  Cheyann's dad, normally shy and silent, jokingly officially welcomed Pete to the "Litten Compound" and then it was party time - and he never left the dance floor!


So happy for the both of you and so very pleased we were able to be there to see you tie the knot!

Congratulations and enjoy your Nashville honeymoon!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tea & Biscuit

"Nine times out of ten, you probably aren’t having a full-on nervous breakdown –
you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit."

Sunday, November 24, 2013


These are both making the rounds on the book of face, so my father is probably the only one who hasn't yet seen them (here you go pops!!), but they are too funny not to share. So many videos this week.

Thanks for the tip, Hugo!

Holy Schnykies

I wait with bated breath.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Soph's school

A few weekends ago we visited Sophie's classroom at her school in the Bronx. 

Soph teaches fifth grade in Hunts Point
at an elementary school affiliated with Hyde,
where she went to university.

Her classroom is adorable, if a little disorganized,
so we offered up our Saturday to come help her whip it into shape. 

You know me, never pass up a chance
to spend extra time at school!

Dave got right to work organizing the library,

while I tackled the vocabulary for the Word Wall.

The kids are currently reading The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Hardcore vocab!

Model student?

Don't even try, son.  Can't compete with the original  gangsta  teacher's pet.