Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kaitlin!!

Happiest of birthday wishes to one of my oldest, dearest friends!!

So glad to have celebrated with you in Italy this year, Kaitlin. Here's to another three decades of friendship!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

That's How You Know

Is it a cliche to love Central Park? Does anyone not love Central Park? If so, they have no soul.

Yoga at the castle. No bigs.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Pretty pics from a day we spent walking around Nolita (NOrth of Little ITAly) last weekend...

We happened upon a design/craft/art fair in an old gym that was really neat.

This guy was making rad shirts out of old sheets from the 70s and 80s. 
Think: My Little Pony, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, etc.

Peeking into an old cemetery.

ohaidvc. waithere. kthxbai.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grand Central Whispering Gallery

Discovering secret spots right and left!  This one isn't really much of a secret, since they take point it out on all of the tours that swing by this nook of Grand Central. But it's impressive, nonetheless!

A whispering gallery is created any time a circular wall (most often under a dome) allows for softly uttered words to travel in waves along the wall to another individual standing well away from the original whisperer.  There is one of these such walls in Grand Central Station, where a set of archways just outside the Oyster Bar form a miraculous 4-corner secret-telling spot. 

If you stand at one of the corners of the gallery and whisper into it, your message will travel up along the dome and reach your partner-in-crime waiting at the opposite corner perfectly clearly.  It's super weird.  But very cool!

Apparently, this is quite a popular spot for marriage proposals (awwww).
Side note: I'm determined to hit every single item on THIS list. Keep you posted!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Corner Bakery

Puh-lease, not the chain Corner Bakery. *scoff*  THIS is the bakery on the actual corner next to my apartment.

How stinking cute is this place? I'd visit this jazzy little joint every morning if my pocketbook (and wasteband) allowed it. The chocolate croissants and cheesecake (my two favorite indulgences) are both fantastic, they also have decent coffee and self-serve fro-yo, and you can see right back into the kitchen workshop, which I love.

 Little girl with the yellow bow and matching sweater set - you are my fashion idol.

I think my very favorite part about this happy little spot (besides the fact that they stole the decor straight out of my Meg-in-Wonderland-Chitty-Chitty-Sound-of-Hairspray dreamworld) is walking by it at night.  The smells coming from the bakery in the evening are heavenly. And it's fun to see all the bakers dressed in white, bustling around getting things ready for deliveries the following morning.  I imagine they're singing their little hearts out in there.  I mean, doesn't everyone, while baking??  Toot SWEETS!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Sound of Munich

Visiting sister in Germany this week!

So you know there will be lots of this:

 and some of this:

definitely visiting these guys

...and these gals
(who are in highschool and college now! can you believe it??)

and without a doubt, some coordinated outfits for frolicking around the city:

Ahhh sisterly bonding...

I have a couple of NYC posts scheduled for you this week while I am traveling abroad - hoping to have delayed Germany/Italy posts up by next weekend!

Auf Wiedersehen & Arrivederci!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lamb's Club Breakfast

Do you have a friend who always knows the coolest places to visit?  And you wonder how on earth she discovers all these fun nooks and crannies?  I do. She visited last week! We got to do a ton of running around while she was here and had a fun breakfast the morning before she left.  She suggested the Lamb's Club and though I had no idea what that was, I immediately agreed.

We met at 8am and the streets were DEAD at that hour.  It was kind of cool to experience.

I had previously assumed NYC was a hustling bustling city at all hours of the day, but there's definitely a lull in traffic early in the morning.

My trip to midtown to meet up for breakfast was quite peaceful!

The Lamb's Club is in a super swanky art deco hotel.  The dude who opened the door for me when I arrived was wearing immaculately clean white gloves. I suppose that probably means I shouldn't refer to him as a "dude." Sorry fancy doorman dude.  When we first sat down, we were the only ones in the entire place.  I imagine that's what it must feel like to be the Queen of England, who probably often eats alone in the restaurant of her choice (which I can only assume they shut down at any time she wishes?), with billions of waitstaff to keep her company. We didn't have billions, but we certainly had more help than necessary. All with white gloves!

I had an asparagus and olive frittata. It was amazing, and I don't even like eggs.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

JG Melon

Zagat overview:
“Prep school” alumni and assorted “J. Crew” types populate this “no-fuss, no-muss” Upper East Side pub celebrated for “killer burgers” washed down with “old-school” cottage fries; despite “rushed” service, a “cash-only” rule and digs in need of “freshening”, it’s “always mobbed.”

Distracting overuse of quotation marks aside, I feel like they are describing my Mecca.  Um hi, I'M IN.

Elbow pop. Always makes you look thinner.