Monday, September 7, 2015

43 Weeks Old


Late late LATE! First we had a holiday weekend and I was enjoying lazy time with my boys much too much to post this on Monday, then it was a super busy week, THEN I got crazy sick yesterday and went home from work with my face in a barf bag (food poisoning NOT morning sickness, I assure you) so I missed posting anything on his actual 10 month birthday. Sheesh. Get it together mama. Special thanks to DaBo for very sweetly asking if I was ok because I hadn't updated the blog in a while. I actually have readers and they actually pay attention!! :)

Now, on to much more important stuff, like what not-so-little nugget has been up to the past week...

Getting more interested in actual kid toys, like these giant Legos of Elliot's he played with for a week straight at the beach. He loved swiping them around and mixing them into different piles, though he sure would get pissed when I'd to take a few to build him a tower to knock down. Moooooooom JUST LET ME PLAY.


Sprouted a new tooth up top! It's barely poked through the surface, but his set of three little teeth are no joke. He's always loved gnawing on fruit, but previously wasn't able to make much of a dent...not any more! Look at the number he did on this apple, completely unassisted. Also, love bites are not nearly so cute as they once were. 

Two weeks ago, they asked us to bring a sippy cup to school because G had started trying to swipe the big kids' cups during lunch time. I was skeptical that he'd actually be able to use one, but we started trying them out on our vacation at the beach and after practicing for just few days he was a total pro!


In other big-kid activities, first time on the playground structure this week as well. Previously, we've stuck to the swings and sitting in the grass. Now there's a whole new world of options!

Hey new kid, sweet teddy bear kicks. Thanks, brah.

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