Sunday, February 19, 2017

Long Weekend in Cazenovia

Cruised up to Cazenovia for Presidents Day weekend, so Graham could give a big squeeze to Grandma Laurie and Grampa Chris, as well as romp around in the snow and play in sawdust to his heart's content.


Beautiful weather all weekend, warm and perfectly clear. Caz had gotten significant snow all week up until our arrival, so everything was covered in a blanket of crisp white, but we got to enjoy it in the sun.


There was even enough fluff for us to do a bit of sledding...

which Grampa was super stoked about, but G wasn't so sure...

Took a bit of convincing, but eventually Graham loved it!

Rounded out the weekend with multiple batches of cookies from Laurie - always a treat.
And so happy she's feeling good enough to be baking and cooking again. 

She sent us home with a big bag, too, though half were eaten on the drive home.
We couldn't help ourselves. Thanks, Laurie!

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