Monday, June 19, 2017

O is for Ophthalmologist

Yes that's how you spell it. 

First visit to our new ophthalmologist here at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA (fancy, right?). Dr. Federico was soooo nice and the visit was really positive overall. I was nervous because G recently popped the lenses out of his glasses and I wasn't sure if I'd put the correct lenses back in the correct eye slots - right and left are different GAH - so naturally I went down a mom worry rabbit hole envisioning having made his eyesight even worse than before by forcing him to use glasses with a reversed prescription for a week before our appointment. But all of those worries faded away when we got inside the facility, as it was absolutely lovely and very easy to maneuver. Graham was happy because there was an awesome "construction site" (play structure) in the lobby and he got to watch videos of Elmo. I was happy because the doc said our treatment thus far seems to have been in line with exactly what he would have suggested (woohoo!) and that his lenses were replaced in the glasses correctly (woohoo!) and that his only recommendation was to make a slight tweak to G's current prescription (woohoo!).


But my very favorite moment of the morning was during the initial eye exam when the doctor was covering one of G's eyes at a time and asking him to identity pictures on a screen across the room...halfway through he turned to his two interns and said "this is the perfect two year" and then thanked Graham for being so calm and cooperative. *tear* 

My heart nearly exploded with mom pride. 

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