Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Once Upon A Wedding Day

Woke up the day of our wedding feeling uber excited -
and actually calmer than expected!  Full-blown jitters would arrive later in the day (right before walking down the aisle, as a matter of fact) but early in the day I was feeling pretty gosh darn fantastic.

Had assumed I would still be running around taking care of last minute details (I have a very hard time letting go of party planning as it's my faaaaavorite), but by Saturday morning those little things that hadn't gotten finished suddenly became a lot less important and were forgotten.
I'm marrying my best friend today!

Maybe the worries melted away because of the amazing group of ladies getting everything set up for our reception - not much to fret about when you know you're in such loving, capable hands! Thank you, thank you!!

My sister and I headed to the spa pretty early - gotta get going at the crack of dawn when the photographer is planning to start shooting portraits at noon!  Soon we were joined by my favorite ladies. The spa was right next to the gym and very close to the first floor hotel rooms, which meant we had lots of random friends and family members popping in throughout the morning to say hello and check on our beautification progress.  Though the hairdos started out a bit rough all the way around (why on earth do they have to scare the living daylights out of you by putting your entire head in ringlets to start?!), it was a wonderfully fun morning sipping champagne and gabbing with my girlfriends and everyone was happy with the end results.


Then a fun lunch and girlie get-ready photo sesh in the hotel room before heading outside for portraits!

I gave monogrammed tote bags to my sister (maid of honor) and Kacie (matron of honor) for being such bitchen chicks.  My darling friends surprised me with a special gift - beautiful Kate Spade "tie-the-knot" earrings that I was delighted to put on immediately.  Thank you for being there, girls, and knowing me so very well.


Then the flower girls joined us and it was time to get dressed!

Meanwhile, the boys were outside being goofballs...
I have to pose for how many more portraits?!?

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