Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bright Horizons

Jellybean was closed last week for summer holiday, so Graham went to backup daycare in midtown near our offices. Commuting with a child is TERRIBLE, after just one day we were ever so much more grateful for having found a permanent place near home, but it sure was fun to be able to visit him during lunch breaks. He looooved their ballet barre and wall mirror. Pulling up to stand AND looking at himself? Two most favorite activities in all the world!

G loved having a whole new room to explore and new toys to play with. 

Even the jerk ones.

The best part about back-up daycare was that he was so close to us during the day - it was super easy to pop over for a quick visit during lunch! DVC works in the building literally next door, so it was about a 2 minute walk from his desk to G's classroom. One afternoon, he even went and checked Graham out so he could visit dad at work!


Charming a whole new set of teachers is exhausting!


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