Monday, October 5, 2015

47 Weeks Old

Wow we are closing in on one year - barely a month out - and I SERIOUSLY CAN'T BELIEVE IT. 

Where did my cooing baby go and when did this smart, silly toddler suddenly start living in our apartment??

G adores playing with his new set of blocks and occasionally even attempts to build towers up in addition to knocking them down with delight. He's also started trying to make jokes with us, which is heartwarming and hilarious. He'll do something funny and then look at us with an expectant grin, hoping for a laugh. Yesterday he let out a little toot and then immediately GUFFAWED. It was great.

This kid dazzles me every day. Just when I think my heart can't possibly grow any more full, he flashes that goofy, toothy smile and my chest nearly explodes. I love you, little nugget.

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