Sunday, November 15, 2015

What. A. Week.

Last week started out super positive what with our return from vacation and Graham's actual birthday, then veered into not-so-fun territory for us very quickly  and only got more miserable as the week progressed. G had to get FIVE shots at his doctor appointment on Wednesday and then caught a stomach virus that had him unable to keep any food down for two days straight, while I got food poisoning just as I was started to improve from a nasty cold. Friday night, which found two-thirds of the family barfing non-stop, was definitely the low-point. Things made a turn for the better by Saturday evening, as we had collectively recovered enough to host a guest, and Sunday we actually had a lovely, relaxing day. But boy were there a rough few days to get through.

VERY MUCH looking forward to the start of a new week and a clean slate.

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