Friday, June 10, 2016

19 Months Old


If I could get away with doing these monthly "birthday" updates for the rest of his friggin life I totally would. Because this boy is the best! How did I get so lucky? No one will ever know. I'm terrible about writing in this poor kids baby book, but at least we'll have the blog with firsts and favorites and funny moments to look back on. And in the crazy scientifically advanced future Graham will say something like oh look at mom's quaint little blog, you know those things they used to put on the internet before we just exchanged info telepathically - weren't the olden days weird?

Graduated to waiting for pickup on the steps with the big kids after school, instead of being pre-strapped into his stroller when I arrive!

Current favorite activities: splashing in sprinklers, stickers, taking the caps off of markers, dropping things under the table then announcing "I got it!" before crawling down from the bench and retrieving.

Current favorite foods: watermelon, rice pilaf, toast with butter, raisin bran, peaches and nectarines. 


I'd venture to say corndogs as well (DUH), but he's only ever had the one. Sure hoovered it with vigor and concentration, though. He comes by it honestly - as Brian Dunn says, "Stephensons are definitely fair food people."

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