Monday, June 27, 2016

D is for Dude

This little nugget is becoming more of a kid each and every day. He remains as cheerful and friendly as ever, though experimenting with not listening or doing the opposite of what he's asked, always with a sly look back to see if you're watching what he's doing.

Loving all things transportation, especially busses and boats. We point out every bus we can spot, shout at every bus that approaches, wave vigorously at every bus that passes by. When bus drivers wave back or toot their horn, me oh my Grahamboni is absolutely beside himself. We walk down to the river every weekend to watch the boats passing by and he is mesmerized staring out at the water.


Most hysterical new habit: 
whenever we wait for the elevator, he leans against the wall and crosses his legs. 

Oh so casual. 

Happy summer!

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