Sunday, May 7, 2017

S is for Spring

It's about time to get back in the swing of regular posts, non? It's been a month since our last update, which means our second month in California is done, we are fully moved into our new house, spring has sprung, the flowers are in full bloom and SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED TO SHARE WITH YOU...

G went on his first camping trip. 

Playing with all his old toys in his new room was very exciting. 

Another new discovery - chocolate ice cream cones!


Got off to a bit of a rough start with G's new school with several tear-filled mornings (for both us), 
but things are going much more smoothly now! He's got a few new friends, routine is kicking in,
and we found an awesome new park that's super easy to stop at on our drive home.


Now that we are feeling more comfortable, 
drop-off has been a lot more pleasant for everyone. 

Our new house has plenty of room for visitors, so both Jamma and PopPop have come down to stay a few times. The Farmer's Market at the Grove is just a few blocks away, so we often walk there for dinner and a trolley ride. On Friday nights they even have a 60s rock cover band, which we can hardly drag Pop Pop away from.

We got to see Leigh Leigh and Dabo as well, when we popped up to Nipomo for my birthday. My sweet friend Kaitlin surprised us with a pinata and my mom sprung for a bounce house (which Graham called "mouse house" all weekend)! It was quite a celebration.

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