Monday, July 14, 2014

23 Weeks

 23 weeks and counting! 
Up to the size of a grapefruit this week, and boy do my pants feel like it.

Lots of baby kicks happening now and it's finally quite clear that the action is an actual mini human wriggling around in there and not just indigestion or gas.  Baby C is usually quite active around lunchtime at work and then a crazy wiggle worm again just before bed. 10-11pm seems to be right when Baby C is ready to party.  Just as mom is trying to get to sleep, natch. Kicks aren't quite big enough for anyone else to feel them from the outside, but that doesn't stop me from excitedly grabbing Dave's hand any time the action gets good and holding it expectantly again my belly. Though I don't think he's actually felt anything yet, he always smiles and nods enthusiastically and doesn't make me feel like a dolt, which is nice. Baby C's musical education has begun in earnest - Aretha Franklin melodies last week and David Bowie concept albums over the weekend (though sadly this did not include The Labyrinth soundtrack).

Baby's first World Cup Finals viewing - woohoo Deutschland!!

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