Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mom & Leigh visit!


My mom and my sister came to visit over the weekend!  It was so, so fun and we did so, so much.  Our dear friends Kathy and Kaitlin Tuculet came as well, so it was a full-on west coast invasion (with a little Germany thrown in, as New York was simply another stop on my sister's world tour: Athens - Munich - NYC - CA).  
What a jet-setter.

We did a little bit of touristy stuff, like visiting the Statue of Liberty and digging into a big of Oma's history at Ellis Island, and a whole lot of just hanging out - wandering around my neighborhood, visiting a few of my favorite haunts and lounging at my apartment. It was really nice to have the women in my life so close for a few days, since I really haven't seen much of my family since getting pregnant. They got to spend plenty of time rubbing the baby bump and hoping to feel a kick, among all of the other activities we crammed in to their 5 day visit.


Leigh discovered some unique subway talent and we channeled Davey & Cowboy on the Brooklyn Bridge.


We strolled along the High Line...

and did some shopping in Greenwich Village.

Even caught a glimpse of some Manhattan wildlife.


Hotdogs on the steps of the Met.  A must.

Thanks for coming to visit, you guys. I miss you this much already.

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  1. We had a blast. Best meal? Hot dog on steps of the Met!


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