Friday, July 4, 2014


I can't believe we've been married for a full six months. And already a new family member on the way! 
What an insane year it's been. Here's a look back at a few of my favorite moments from our wedding day...

The few minutes my dad and I had completely alone in the hotel hallway before heading outside to walk down the aisle are still crystal clear in my mind. Everyone else lined up outside, so we had some time totally to ourselves. I'd been utterly calm all morning but suddenly felt SUPER nervous. Yet my father was as calm as could be. Someone had brought me a glass of champagne, but I was so jittery I could barely sip it! Meanwhile my dad was just smiling to himself, completely at ease.

The ceremony seemed to go by incredibly quickly, one minute we were up there giggling nervously and the next we were dancing back up the aisle hand-in-hand. I'm so very glad we decided to hire a videographer for the day; it seemed like such a splurge at the time, but we (ok I) watch the video constantly. It's such a source of joy and wonderful to be able to relive all the little moments I'd missed or forgotten. The pictures we took of just us right after the ceremony were really fun. They suddenly felt much different from those we'd taken beforehand.

We are MARRIED. And we are FUN.


This guy. 
Danced. Up. A. Storm. 
I don't think he left the dance floor the entire night. 

When these nerds stole my phone.

These little punkeroos stealing hearts all evening.

 Making it official with our best buds surrounding us... 

We did it!

Six months in and just as happy as can be to spend my days with my dear DVC, 

though the jumping pics are on hold for a bit...

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