Monday, August 11, 2014

27 Weeks

Munchkin is the size of a rutabaga?
Cuz, you know, that's a common veggie people will immediately be able to picture for comparison.

Baby C and I are visiting Los Angeles this week for work. We had a nice, quiet flight out on Sunday (though I was very anxious about flying and I've never been a nervous flier), had lunch with some friends once we touched down in CA and then went to bed early. The time change means I abruptly hit a wall and am immediately ready for bed at 7pm, so I'm going with it! Waking up for work this morning was a breeze, considering I'd hit the sack more than 10 hours prior. Suddenly there are quite a few more hands reaching for my belly, but the attention so far has been fun and pleasant. Looking forward to seeing my family this weekend on the central coast!

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