Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hup Holland

Some dear friends of ours came to visit from Holland over the holidays - which was six months ago and I'm just barely getting around to posting these!! Oh well, better late than never. We had sent them an invitation to the wedding not expecting that they'd actually be able to make it, so it was a real treat when they called to say they'd definitely be there to celebrate with us! 


Dinner party the first night, then put everyone to work on wedding projects!!

The next evening, we threw ourselves a sweet little New Years Eve bbq at the Bejo house!


Rang in 2014 with an epic forehead-phone-charades-game battle. (what the heck is that game called??)


On New Years Day, Dave FINALLY got to town and everyone came over to "look at him."

Had to take them to McLintock's. Ruby was the bravest.


Spice up your life.

So excited for Walmart. Watch out for creepers.

The whole gang made it up to Lake Arrowhead for the wedding!
Too bad daaaaaaaaad missed the photo op.

 Other random pics they took here that crack me up.

Miss you guys!! Thank you so much for coming all that way, we truly loved seeing you.

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  1. I'm literally looking at Dave in that picture ahaha and the creeper, I laughed so hard.
    I miss you guys, thanks for everything!
    you're the best.


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