Thursday, August 28, 2014

An Apple A Day

One of my favorite things to do when I visit home is to take a trip to the Avila Valley Barn to look through all the fresh fruits and veggies, cuddle with the baby goats and peruse the endless array of baked goods. The pies and cobblers are delicious, but the handheld olallieberry turnovers takes top honors in my book!


Something I've never done in all my prior visits, however, is take a hayride out to the fields where you can pick your own produce. So I was excited to go apple picking with my cousins when they suggested it as our final adventure of the weekend! And it ended up only costing a buck apiece! Total bargain.

We all piled onto the hay-covered trailer (though it took some maneuvering to get this prego on board!) and settled in to enjoyed the short ride out to the fields nearby. It was bumpy and dusty but Pa/Uncle Dave kept us laughing the whole way. Once we made it out to the apple orchard, they gave us bags and set us loose! We were free to roam throughout the field in search of the perfect fruit, then hitch a ride back with the next tractor.



Hayley and Brian teamed up to reach some apples none of the rest of us could get to, while Pa encouraged "creative" use of apples in photos (all deemed too scandalous for this blog). Oh Pa. It was crazy hot, but we had a really fun time and filled our bags quickly, then the tractor came back for us right as we were heading back to the road. Perfect timing. Thanks for a fun afternoon and a new experience in my own backyard!

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