Monday, November 17, 2014

1 Week Old

Mister Graham Oliver is one week old today! Monday posts will now be a count UP rather than a countdown!

Graham currently likes bouncing, cuddling, sleeping on dad's chest and his halo swaddle sleep sack.
He wasn't entirely sold on the frog outfit, but was a good sport and let mom take his picture.

I can't quite believe we've been a family of three for seven whole days now. Our lives have changed so drastically over the past week and we've all been learning at a rapid rate. It feels like we were just heading to the hospital yesterday. And yet it also feels like this little dude has always been part of our family. My heart continues to grow with each moment I get to spend with him (yes, even when he's wailin' like crazy). Can't get enough of that darling face.

Happy one week to you, GOC!

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