Saturday, November 29, 2014

Graham Heads Home

OKAY! After a bit of a blogging break, ready to get back to it and share some of our birth experience and pics of the little nugget over the past few weeks... I can't believe he is WEEKS old already! They say time flies when children are involved, and cheesy as it may be it's absolutely true. Sometimes it feels like time is standing still (hello middle of the night feedings!) and sometimes it feels like it's flashing by (some dude asked me in a coffee shop this morning how "new" he was and I welled up with tears hearing myself reply "18 days"). Hello emotional!

After two days in the hospital, we were ready to head home. We originally were scheduled to stay one additional night and be discharged first thing the following morning, but had had a terrible time the prior evening (people in the room next to us had a bazillion guests making a ruckus until all hours of the night) so decided we preferred to just head home. Since Graham was doing great and I was recovering nicely, our doctors cleared us to leave on Tuesday evening. After G's 8pm check-in at the nursery for a weight check and sponge bath, we packed up all our gear, had the nurses check our ID bands one last time then clip G's ankle bracelet and out we headed!

Dressed in his own clothes for the first time and placed in the car seat, it was suddenly striking how tiny Graham was. He was a champ though, and zonked out immediately once we loaded him up.

When our uber ride arrived, the hospital doorman installed the car seat base for us with the speed of a pit crew pro, which was a lifesaver as it surely would have taken us ages to figure out. And though our driver was plenty careful, those 16 blocks home were the most terrifying of my life. White knuckles aside, we made it home in one piece and walking into our apartment as a family of three felt fantastic! It would prove to be a long night, but that was to be expected and was much easier to handle in the comfort of our own home. 

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