Monday, November 24, 2014

2 Weeks Old

Graham has now been a resident of this earth for 14 whole days!  Wow, I can hardly believe that as I type it.  He currently weighs 7.2 oz and is working like a mad man to try and pack on the pounds. Eat sleep poop repeat!

What is Graham up to this week? Sleeping and cuddling are his number one activities! He eats about every two to three hours and is starting to sleep longer stretches (though the middle of the night is still his favorite party time). His neck has gotten significantly stronger the past few days, and he's begun lifting and turning his head. It's delightful to watch him kick his legs and discover his hands are attached to his body. He's working on getting and keeping his fingers in his mouth, and he's got an incredible grip. His eyes are focusing better each day and he's constantly coming up with hilarious new expressions. Pretty fun stuff!

My mom has been here since Saturday and it's been incredibly helpful. She's so supportive, kisses the top of my head during my weepy, uncertain moments and constantly assures me that I'm doing the very best I can. And I absolutely love watching her hold Graham. It's really special to see.

Happy two week birthday, Graham O!

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