Saturday, January 10, 2015

Two Months!

My goodness, it's been exactly two months since our little man arrived. There's been so much growth and change, he looks like a completely different baby than the one we initially went home with. There are noticeable differences sometimes even from day to day, which has been incredibly exciting to watch. I find myself eagerly awaiting whatever monumental thing he'll do next, while at the same time trying to stretch and treasure every single moment. My goal is to live mindfully, be present and enjoy him exactly as he is NOW instead of looking forward to the next thing, since the change is rapid and time seems to fly. Just want to kiss this face all day!

It's been a bit rough since our return to New York after three weeks in California, but we are working on getting back into a routine. Vaccinations yesterday didn't make it any easier, poor guy was cranky and had sore legs but couldn't fall asleep or keep much food down. What with the travel, time change and shots, our whole sleep/eat/awake pattern currently feels like it has no rhyme or rhythm to it, but I'm sure we'll find a groove soon. In any case, it's nice to just be together as a family. 

I think normally once a kid hits the two month mark you stop counting age in weeks, but I really like doing the Monday updates and noting his changes each week, so I'm going to continue them. No fruit comparisons, though. He is now the size of... a regular ol' baby. 

Speaking of size, he weighed in at 12 pounds 8.9 ounces at his check up on Friday - a 3 lb gain since last visit!  Growing boy!  He also measured 22.75 inches in length (a growth of 1.25 inches) and I can't remember what they said head circumference was, but I'm sure it was very impressive.

Standard doctor office selfie with mom!  (Pre-shots, of course.)

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