Saturday, January 31, 2015

Frisches Luft

We try to get outside for at least a little bit every day, which doesn't sound like a huge feat, but can be scarily easy to avoid in the middle of winter with an infant when your apartment feels perfectly cozy and everything you could possibly need could be delivered in just a few minutes for just a few bucks. But it definitely feels good to get some sun and stretch my legs, plus the Germans instilled in me the belief in the power of "frisches luft," so today we walked over to the Jackie O Reservoir in Central Park. It was brisk, but G was warm in his fuzzy bear suit and it was good for us both to breathe some fresh air. 


While walking home from the park, we happened upon a museum that was recently reopened after having been closed for renovations. Curious, and always eager to find a good public restroom, we popped inside!

The museum resides in an absolutely gorgeous old mansion and I imagine the gardens will be stunning in spring.


We enjoyed a quiet moment sitting on those colorful cushions in the conservatory (now the museum shop) overlooking the garden and are looking forward to returning to the cute cafe with DVC next weekend!

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