Monday, July 20, 2015

36 Weeks Old


Like for real, up on his hands and knees, tummy not touching the ground, actual factual crawling. And I witnessed it WOOHOO!! I had been so afraid he would do it for the first time at daycare and we'd miss it. But Sunday he got his knees up under his belly for the first time and crawled right to me! We've tried to catch it on video, but haven't gotten a good one yet. He did manage to do it for my parents on FaceTime though! It was very exciting and they were cheering him on from afar.


And now that he can crawl, his favorite thing to do is make a beeline for the bookshelf and pull all of his books off the shelf, one by one. So far we've managed to keep this activity limited to his own mini bookshelf; feverishly brainstorming ways to protect our low-level shelves full of grown-up books (just begging to be strewn across the room and chewed to a pulp).

Graham loves sitting with us in the kitchen while we are making breakfast or dinner. He's got a perfect little corner from which to watch all the action while gnawing on a piece of fruit or even a piece of crusty bread. Trying lots of new foods: cucumber, plums, even a few bites of meatloaf last night!

He's got a sad little bruise on the corner of his forehead (yes, his head has corners) because he keeps bonking the same darn spot over and over again in his attempts to crawl and pull up on everything from the coffee table to the side of the bed. Guess that poor little bruise will remain a constant for the next few months at least!

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