Monday, July 27, 2015

37 Weeks Old

Happy 37 weeks to happy little me!

Reading lots of books and LOVES his little bookshelf in the living room. Starting to learn the difference between his bookshelves and ours... still curious and really hoping to pull ALL books off ALL shelves within his reach, but actually responding when we say no. Mostly with a wide-eyed look, sometimes with a bit of a fit. Sorry kid.

New fruit this week: apricots! Definitely prefers when we give him a whole piece of fruit to gnaw on, rather than breaking off baby sized chunks. Already expressing his independence. *sigh*

Loves making faces with mom and riding high up on dad's shoulders. And starting the whole social laugh thing, where he'll break into laughter any time we are laughing. HA! This is funny! Right, guys? Haha! Right?!

Pulling up on EVERYTHING that might possibly allow him to stand next to it. And doing so with style.

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