Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nipomo In Review

What a visit!

First time decorating a tree. 

Celebrated DaBo's birthday (and sugar tolerance, ironically) with a behemoth pie.

Lots of cuddles with Auntie Leigh Leigh and an adventurous hike to Avila in a torrential rainstorm.

I swear, ten minutes after this photo was taken it was DUMPING rain as we sprinted for the car.

Ornithology with DaBo:  taunting  inviting a bluejay to eat a peanut off of his head. 
(The bird declined.)

Lovely walks around Nipomo.
G slept right through most of them, thoroughly enjoying the frisches luft.

Several epic light saber battles, until the weapons were curiously destroyed. 
(Tiny teeth marks are our only clue.)

Visits with old friends and quite a bit of sand in the shoes. 

The start of German lessons....

And a whole new set of family members!! Congrats to Leaf and Daniel!
SteBo's taking over the world....

Thank you for a lovely visit, everyone. The weather was delightful, G loved meeting new folks and roaming around the farm. It was terrific to see you all and we are already itching to book a return trip.

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