Sunday, January 31, 2016

Resolution update – Month 1

Not a bad start to the year! I was quite diligent in my reading and managed to stay on track for the month, knocking four books out and already in the middle of two more (two six hour plan rides sans toddler certainly helped!). I haven't entirely kicked the ol' Greys-Anatomy-reruns-on-the-iPad-in-bed habit, but increased reading has definitely improved the quality of my evenings.


Me Before You 
This book really snares you with an engaging beginning, and even though you kind of know where it's headed all along BAM it hits you like a ton of bricks when they finally spell it out. Tough topics. Makes you think, I guess, but super depressing. UGH and I just saw last that there's a movie version coming out soon and it looks really good but DO NOT BE DUPED! This is a Stepmom situation all over again.

The Bell Jar
I had started this several years back, because Dave had a copy and I had a goal once upon a time to read all the books already in the house before purchasing any new ones (spoiler alert: didn't happen). It's skinny and seemed like an easy read and I desperately needed something to get my mind off of the depressing prior choice, so I picked it back up. Oy. Forgot what it was about (second spoiler alert: a not-so-subtle continuation of the downward spiral). If I didn't like Holden, I couldn't stand Esther. Pleased with my resolution commitment thus far, but not so much with my novel choices. 

Bringing Up Bebe 
First "self help" book of the year. I actually got this one before Graham was born (thanks Planinacs!) along with a few other parenting books, but it pertains more to toddlers / small children than infants, so I set it aside for G's first year. Lots of interesting tidbits in this one, from teaching patience to self-reliance to well-rounded eating habits. Encouraged us to give Graham salmon and stinky cheese to try and he LOVED it!

The Wizard of Oz
Dave's grandpa likes to send books to G (and us) all the time. He has sent several full sets as well, ranging from Agatha Christie to Sherlock Holmes to a lovely 12 volume boxed set of all the original Wizard of Oz tales. Though I love the movie, I've never actually read any of the Oz books, so I was very excited to start delving into this anthology. The old, familiar characters provide comfort while there are plenty of new creatures to get to know.

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  1. I have had the same resolution for quite a long time..However, as the time goes by, I get reassured it's a matter of interest (you pick what you are interested about and not what you have at home) and not of resolution! :)


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