Thursday, May 26, 2016

Report Card


We recently requested a "report card" of sorts from Graham's school, as we were curious about what he actually does all day (it's weird to think my child has a life outside of my with actual friends and stuff!). And they sent us a really cute update!! It made me smile to picture him doing all the activities they mention, so wanted to share some of it with you guys...

Hello there,

Rosa just mentioned you were curious to know what Graham is up to daily.

He's doing very well. He has his routine down pat. (Breakfast snack around 9:30; Free play until about 11; Puzzles, etc (depends on the day and the the month) and more free play/outdoor time until noon; Lunch at noon; Nap at 1:00; Snack at 3:30; 4/4:15 puzzles, blocks, crayons, back yard; Pick Up).

He is curious and good at keeping himself occupied, while also spending time playing with the other children -- both older than him and his own age. We have a few little boys -- and Audrey -- in the same age group now, so they're just getting to the point where we can have more organized activities for them.

As for Graham -- he loves to lift things, move big things and climb. He's by far the strongest little boy we have here. He also really likes to look at the books. We find him with his nose quite literally in a book a couple of times a day. 

Guess our Very Hungry Caterpillar book bag is a good fit for this little bookworm!


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