Monday, May 2, 2016

B is for Birthday

I'm 34 today. I've had some pretty epic birthdays, but this started out a bit rough. G had an incident with a cat last week in Nipomo and had to head to the ER to get 3 stitches in his lip. We then had to take him back to his regular doc here in NYC to get the stitches removed. Simple enough, right? NO. WAY. Awful awful awful. I was required to lay on top of him and hold his limbs down (the kid they call Hercules, no easy feat) so they could carefully remove the tiny stitches with tweezers and scissors. It took two doctors and a very long time. The poor kid was in tears. I was in tears. My mom was in tears. But we survived and G is looking MUCH better without the black stitches running up his lip.

My brave boy was quickly back to his cheerful self after a bagel and a visit to the park. 

Ended the day on a much happier note with a delicious birthday dinner at Heidleberg, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. The schnitzel. Is. Amazing.

Ein Prosit auf Gemutlichkeit!

And many more...

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