Monday, May 9, 2016

T is for Transportation

The vehicle obsession has begun! Anything that "goes" has got Graham hooked, especially trains.
Most especially Thomas the Tank Engine, who G refers to as "ChooChoo" with a sweet little train conductor fist pump arm motion that looks like raising the roof. Ahhh-dorbs.

New words include: truck, car, tractor (he's especially adept at this one), plane, boat, helicopter (ok really more like "coppa" but squeals in delight and  points ecstatically at the sky every time we hear the beat of those blades...which in NYC is pretty often). 

We spent 40 minutes staring at this tractor parked at the school under construction across from our building. Sooooooooo very interesting. Many tears when mama had finally had enough. 

And I kind of can't believe we haven't taken a dive into the pond yet. 

Careful G!

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