Thursday, July 28, 2016

Playa Conchal

Soooo I'm not the most positive of beach-goers. 
I don't really like sand. I don't like feeling sticky. I'm scared of the ocean. I complain a lot.

Visiting Playa Conchal, just a bit north of Tamarindo, makes you feel really in the know because it's quite hidden and requires driving right onto the sand, crossing several beaches and blindly gunning it up over a narrow ridge between some trees. Sure, there's a local dude there guiding you, but can you ever really be sure of what his vague hand signals are instructing you to do? Once you pop over the hill, suddenly a happy little community and gorgeous beach appears magically right in front of you.

The shore is made entirely of beautiful, smooth shell fragments that feel delightful under your feet and brush right off your skin as soon as they dry. Also the cove is totally protected so the waves are small enough not to feel intimidating, and there's an even more protected rocky hot-tub like area on one end that is perfect for an ocean wimp like me (not to mention my beach-novice two year old) to lounge around in like monkeys bathing.

Graham looooved sitting right at the water's edge, scooping up handfuls of shells, 
moving them back and forth, back and forth, scoop plop scoop plop.

When DaBo starting burying G in the sand, there were (shockingly) no tears at all, but rather a fit of giggles - he thought it was hysterical and actually allowed himself to be covered. Then D dug a giant hole so he could really bury our little seal pup, and G climbed right in and laid down!

Look ma, no hands!

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