Saturday, July 9, 2016

Reading Resolution Update

What month are we on? I have no idea!
How off track am I? Do I even want to know??


Skipped an update last month (and possibly the month before??). Didn't stay on track either, despite a cross-country flight sans child (ummm what do you think I did, I slept, thankyouverymuch!). But the fams got a beach vacay booked in just a few short weeks and I should have time to catch up - michelada in hand, toes in the sand, grandparents on toddler duty, ahhhhh. I can feel my whole body relax just thinking about it.

What few have I managed to finish? 

Yes Please!
I love Amy Poehler. I wanted to love her book. It was meh. She's funny enough, but she kept joking about how hard it is to write a book and how she has nothing really to write about and it just got obnoxious and made the parts she actually wrote feel forced. 

The Girl on the Train
Ho. Lee. Crud. This one was kind of Gone Girl-esq in that it grabbed you immediately, then completely turned everything you thought you knew right on its head. Def read it before the movie comes out. The trailer actually looks terrific, but rarely do they ever compare. And don't you want to be able to smugly say "oh the book was so much better" right when it comes out?

Currently in the middle of: 

All The Light We Cannot See
My mom brought me this one a while back and it's been sitting by my bed being avoided because in my head it seemed like a difficult read. Imagine my delight when it was both easy to read and immediately intriguing. I was hooked after just a few chapters. Then DVC needed a book to read so he picked it up too! We're both still in the early sections, but enjoying it so far. My visions of a romantic marital book club have yet to come to fruition, but there's still time to trick Dave into it. The main boy character reminds me of Graham, in his appearance at least. I hope nothing tragic ends up happening to him.
Sophie's World
Ugh. Can't remember why/when I bought this one, but I must have thought "fantasy meets philosophy" sounded interesting. Wrong-o, it's terrible. I keep hanging on, trying to give it the good ol' hundred page commitment to really give it a chance, hoping it will get better. Wrong-o, still terrible. It's like a middle school teacher wanted to trick her kids into learning philosophy so she spent max two minutes creating a lackluster story about a little girl who keeps receiving mysterious philosophy lessons in the mail. Doesn't that sound like it should be interesting?! Wrong-o again! I've resorted to flipping past multiple pages at a time just to see if it's any more enticing just a bit yonder... we shall see how much further I make it.

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