Saturday, November 12, 2016

Happy Birthday To You

Saturday we had a birthday party for our big two-year-old (gah!). The weather was unfortunately expected to be quite dreary, so we decided to just have it right inside our apartment instead of as originally planned at a nearby park. Went ahead and invited his whole class (12 kids) plus a few other friends, thinking not everybody would be able to make it. WRONG. Every single person we invited RSVP'd it was quite a full house! I was a bit nervous beforehand about squishing everyone in, and though we were nearly bursting at the seams it ended up being a wonderful, intimate soiree. 

My dear friend Alyssa's boyfriend Marco is an amateur (his distinction, not mine) photographer and agreed to come over and snap some pics of the kids. We are SO THANKFUL for what he was able to capture...

We love you more than anything, sweet Graham.

"I wish you all the joy you can wish." - Shakespeare

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