Saturday, November 23, 2013

Soph's school

A few weekends ago we visited Sophie's classroom at her school in the Bronx. 

Soph teaches fifth grade in Hunts Point
at an elementary school affiliated with Hyde,
where she went to university.

Her classroom is adorable, if a little disorganized,
so we offered up our Saturday to come help her whip it into shape. 

You know me, never pass up a chance
to spend extra time at school!

Dave got right to work organizing the library,

while I tackled the vocabulary for the Word Wall.

The kids are currently reading The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Hardcore vocab!

Model student?

Don't even try, son.  Can't compete with the original  gangsta  teacher's pet.


  1. I am so proud right now, can't even Jeanne

  2. Wow, you look way too comfortable at that desk Megan! Cool classroom:) I love organizing the book bins in Hunt and Hayley's classrooms- glad you two could step in! That's cool that she teaches 5th grade, the same as Hunt. Is the Universal Declaration... book really a reading book- Hunt might like that- let me know? :)Lisa


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