Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hen Party

The wedding festivities kicked off with a terrific little bachelorette party, thrown by my sweet kid sister Leigh. 
It was exactly what I was hoping for - a small, intimate cocktail party and dinner at home with my girlfriends.  My brilliantly creative friend Krista took care of the decor, while foodie friends (and sisters) Tracy and Kari cooked an amazing dinner for everyone - delicious home made meatballs, my absolute favorite!!  Though my sister was nervous acting as hostess, to me the evening was absolutely perfect and I can't thank her enough.

Even Andrea came by for a while and brought her sweet newborn Walter.
What a trooper - always up for a party!

My darling, colorful friends.


After dinner we played some silly games, though nothing that left me overly embarrassed (thank you sissy).  DVC answered some seemingly straightforward questions and I attempted to guess his crazy answers...

What expression are you most likely to hear from Meg?



Has Dave had any cavities?
If so, how many?
Like 90. My teeth are condominiums. Three cavities on the base-level, two second floor, and then a luxury offering in the penthouse afforded to my 7th grade Laffy Taffy habit. 

What would Dave say he does most "like a girl" - laugh, run or throw?

What would Dave eat
for his last meal?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
If your home was on fire, what three things would Dave grab?
Cederquist Christmas Card '74,
Smiths 45s, and an armload of party dresses that Meg is surely cramming into a suitcase while trying to find her keys and phone (which are in her purse).

Complete this sentence: 
Meg wishes I would stop...
Cataloguing her adorable
verbal missteps.
I wish Meg would stop...
Watching "How I Met Your Mother."  Didn't that show just start?  How are there already 9,000 (expletive) episodes?  60 minutes has fewer episodes!  I think they (expletive) tape three a (expletive) day!
I knew I had found
the love of my life when...
About 4 years ago, a couple days after Christmas, I was returning from work and saw her car parked in front of my apartment. It was unexpected and my reaction really surprised me.
I thought, "sweet, Meg is here!"
Ordinarily I prefer to be alone, and I certainly dislike surprise visits. But hers are always welcome and I pretty much always think "sweet, Meg is here!"
When things began winding down, we decided to cruise on over to Jocko's (where else?) for a nightcap!
It was a spirited evening - we met some rodeo clowns (sadly not in costume) who bought us a round, ran into an old babysitting charge of mine who I could hardly believe was old enough to be in a bar, repeatedly stumped the bartender with cousin Michelle's drink requests (though they really didn't seem that complicated), desperately tried to remember the alter egos Krista came up with for each of us when she introduced us to random blokes and gleefully sang our hearts out to the jukebox as Leigh created the perfect musical recipe.

Then it was slumber party time in the barn. So fun.
Thanks for humoring me and my not-so-wild taste, girls. I love you big time.

Who's hungover?  Not us! (Ok maybe a little.) 

Bring on the pancakes!

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