Thursday, January 30, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect


Friday morning we spent hanging out at the hotel, greeting our family and friends as they arrived and making sure everything was all set for the next day!  We claimed a cozy little corner to set up camp and quite enjoyed sitting in the lobby and seeing a continuous stream of people we knew walk into the hotel. 

Lots of hugs for familiar faces and lots of last minute details to confirm -
escort cards in order, welcome bags prepped, seating chart finalized, all systems go!

Anna Banana was our superstar helper and we were so very grateful to have her there with us.

Leigh and I had time to catch an exercise class at the super fancy gym in the basement of the hotel,
which was nice for working out some of the pre-wedding jitters that were starting to build up.
Rehearsal was early in the day, at 1:00pm, since there was a wedding Friday evening that we had to clear out of the space for. Everyone who was part of the ceremony met in the lobby and got a little crazy with the hugging and introductions. Then we headed out through the pool area to the back lawn where the wedding was to take place, only to discover that our groom and officiant were missing when the site coordinator called for them.  Oops! 

Eventually all the important players made it and we were able to get in several run-throughs.


Afterward Leigh, Anna and I snuck away for a bit to get manicures before the Welcome Reception that evening. We were a bit nervous just randomly choosing a walk-in place up in the mountains, but it turned out to be an AMAZING spa, really great service and bafflingly cheap.  Perfect!


And then it was time to change for dinner...

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