Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here's to 2014

A few years back, my sister sent me a horoscope that seemed more relevant than the typical "Jupiter is in your house of blah blah" horoscope junk. It seemed applicable across the board; not only to me, but likely to anyone else and at any given time. I kept a copy of it and have glanced at it ever now and then (hello random computer clean up!), and it the words continue to strike a chord of relevance.  I wish you a wonderful year ahead, with enough strength and confidence to tackle whatever goals you may have decided upon.
Happy New Year.

Do you believe in yourself?

That's exactly what you need to do now.

Eventually, your belief in yourself
shouldn't even be something you have to think about...
it should just be.

In your quest for self-empowerment,
don't allow thoughts of unworthiness to enter your brain.

Discard them from your consciousness.

Allow only thoughts about your uniqueness,
the best aspects of your character,
and the good things you have done in your life.

Nothing negative should be allowed to enter your mind.
Work at maintaining that mindset,
and this year will be fabulous.

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