Tuesday, June 24, 2014

20 Weeks

Today marks 20 weeks of growing Baby C! Already at the halfway point. I can hardly believe it.

We went in for an ultra sound appointment at the hospital this morning. We have several appointments at the hospital before we actually show up to give birth, which is really nice as we'll be familiar with the facility and hopefully feel right at home. Baby C was wiggling around a ton, but we were able to get some great pictures of the sweet little face, waving arms and kicking legs. There's actually a little human in there!

And the question on everyone's mind...boy or girl? 
Actually managed to look away while the tech confirmed the gender, keeping it a surprise!

I'm feeling really good, haven't had any more nausea since the beginning of the second trimester - woohoo! Occasional lower back aches and growing pains as my abdomen muscles stretch, but for the most part this second leg has been a breeze. I'm always tired and always in the mood for ice cream, but that's nothing new! Thank you for all of your wonderful support, we constantly have people checking in and have already received some incredibly thoughtful gifts. It's so touching to see the love surrounding this sweet little nugget already.  Baby C is one lucky little duck.

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