Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Der Vati besucht NYC

I'm way behind on blog updates on visits/trips/staycations from the past few months, as I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time sawing logs (who woulda thunk growing a human would make 11 hours of sleep per night seem minimal?).  Going to try to play catch up and get lots of old pics posted over the next week or two, so I can start with the pregnancy overshares!  Because I'm sure you're all simply dying to hear exactly what I'm eating/feeling/thinking/smelling/sobbing about at any given moment. :)

First up - Papa K's visit to NYC in frigid January!

A friend of my dad's from college is one of the coaches for the Seahawks, and called up early in the year to say that if they made it to the Superbowl there'd be a pair of tickets waiting for pop and his best buddy from college, Tuc.  The sheer mention of this and flights were booked in record time.  We figured it would be fun for him to come out and see my place even if (heaven forbid) he didn't get to go to the game (don't worry, he totally did, and thankfully on the more enjoyable side).

So dad, Kat and Tuc all came out to NY for the weekend and we had a grand ol' time touristing about.  Though it was expected to be rainy their entire visit, we ended up lucking out with the weather.  It was beyond cold, but at least clear and we were free to roam about unencumbered by umbrellas, galoshes and the like.

One of our first stops was Ground Zero, which I'd actually never visited before. We arrived just as the sun was setting, which made the memorial fountains appear even more beautiful. Especially moving were the white roses here and there, which we discover honor each victim individually each year on their date of birth.

Dad quickly honed both his subway navigating and scarf tying skills (far from girly, I assured him).


DVC's jaw dropped when he saw all the Duck Dynasty gear my father lugged across the country in preparation for attending the game in the midst of a monsoon cyclone blizzard. He of course tried everything on for size. With the beard, it actually didn't look all that out of place.

We had a fun dinner one evening at Heidleberg, one of my favorite local watering holes.

Plus Kat and I escaped to SoHo on a shopping adventure one afternoon without the stinky dads!


Nightly scrabble games were seriously  long   drawn-out  intense.



Water bottle? Check.
Fleece vest? Check.
Off to the Superbowl!

It was nice and warm for the game, but we did get a fresh blanket of snow the following evening!

And GOSH wouldn't you know it, his flight was delayed an entire day due to the weather!

Good thing, as we ended up needing A LOT of time to get the perfect snow picture. :)

Thanks for visiting, Pops!

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