Monday, October 6, 2014

35 Weeks

Baby C is the size of a large coconut this week!

And his mom is starting to feel like the size of a small house.


Rolling over now requires a three-point-turn, as my cousin Linzy so eloquently put it at my baby shower (though at the time I didn't quiiiite understand what she was talking about yet).  DVC put the new dresser together like a champ, so our happy little nursery corner has really come together.  Washed all of Baby C's clothes now that there's somewhere to put them, so everything he owns is fluffed and folded and ready for his arrival!  Loving that we went with gray and white, it feels clean and fresh and cheerful. And isn't that goat hamper hilarious?? 

Still commuting to work every day, though hoofing it up and down the subway stairs gets a little more difficult each week. People kindly jump up to give me their seat whenever I board the train, which is so very nice.

This was in the cab on the way to my doctor appointment last week. Park Avenue is beyond.
It's fun visiting the doc on such a fancy street. Our pediatrician is on Park Ave too!

Appointment went well, stats all look good, heartbeat super strong, baby wiggly enough 
to make the doctor say "hold still little one!" while trying to locate the heartbeat.
 My dream of a tap dancer may just come true yet!

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