Monday, October 20, 2014

37 Weeks

Just three more weeks to go! 
Baby C is about the size of a winter melon...anybody know what that is?

Hospital tour? Check!  Hate to say it, but the Beyonce suite really wasn't all that impressive. I was expecting a tad bit of glitter, at the very least. Not even any pleather. Lame. But the rest of the tour was very interesting and left us feeling much more prepared, at least for finding our way to Labor & Delivery at go-time. There was one awful woman who rolled up in a black car service, brought along an assistant to take notes on her behalf and kept interrupting to ask questions that sure made it seem like she's really not all that keen on having a kid. Exhibit A: when the nurse leading the orientation was explaining that they encourage skin-to-skin contact so they try to place the baby on the mother's chest as soon as possible after he or she is born, the woman wrinkled her nose and inquired if this was mandatory. The nurse hesitated, a bit confused, but politely answered that no, they're not going to force you to do anything, though holding your baby is certainly encouraged. That poor little rich bebeh. Maybe the assistant will provide the skin-to-skin time.

After having dinner with the Spero's last night, we finally picked up our stroller from their apartment - not only did they kindly donate this massive piece of equipment to our cause, they've been graciously storing it for us the past few months since their hall closet kicks our hall closet's bum. So that's now sitting in our foyer (ahem, very narrow apartment doorway) all ready for baby to hop on into the bassinet and cruise home from the hospital. Yes, we are considering walking home from the hospital, though it of course depends on weather and how I'm feeling and a million other factors. At this point, walking a few blocks sure sounds easier than attempting to speedily install a car-seat into the back of a cab with a brand new infant on our hands. But we shall see!

Super model documentary hour: behind the scenes of the silhouette photo shoot. 

And a sneak peek of what's to come later this week...


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