Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Laurie Came to Visit!


Laurie came for a quick weekend visit at the beginning of September, which was super fun because we hadn't seen her since announcing the pregnancy at Easter. It was boiling hot while she was here, so other than going out for brunch and a fancy dinner, we spent most of our time just hanging around the apartment talking and telling stories. It was nice just to spend time together. The morning before she left, Soph took us to a new spot in Central Park that we'd never stumbled upon before!

The Conservatory Garden runs right along Fifth Avenue starting just a few blocks north of our apartment, with formidable wrought-iron gates guarding the entrance. The Vanderbilt Gates, after a local family who used to live on this spot, doesn't that just sound rich and snobby and intimidating?

The gardens are quite large, covering about 6 acres, and separated into French, English and Italian landscapes. It's an incredibly peaceful spot, as it's a bit further north than the heavily visited East Meadow of Central Park.

There are tons of hidden benches and cozy reading nooks to discover.  
I felt like Mary Lennox peering into a new secret garden each corner we turned.
(There's even a statue of Frances Hodgson Burnett.)


And just north of the gardens is a tiny lake I didn't know existed!  The absolutely adorable Harlem Meer is nestled into the north eastern corner of Central Park, with narrow walking paths along all edges and fisherman dotting the shorelines.  I couldn't believe it when I saw people fishing!  Pops, found your new favorite spot in NYC.

Thanks for coming to visit, Laurie!


Thank you for visiting! A penny for your thoughts...