Monday, December 1, 2014

3 Weeks Old

Lots of new activities for Graham O this week!  His first subway excursion (mom could not have been more paranoid), first trip to Brooklyn (photo shoot for Christmas card), first train ride and visit to a town other than New York City (looking at homes in Pleasantville), first Thanksgiving dinner and first Christmas tree!  

Graham's current favorite activities are going for walks in his sling and taking naps on our chests.  
He is almost fitting into his newborn sized outfits and has been enjoying tummy time already.

A very nice gentleman in a coffee shop asked me a few days ago how old the little nugget was and after hearing myself respond "18 days" I immediately burst into tears. How on earth is he three weeks old already? It's mind blowing. Trying to enjoy and remember every moment I can while he is still tiny.

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